About your company

305 Car Rental is a personalized and unique experience for you to rent a car with no hazard! No hidden fees and budget friendly.
305 Car Rental is a family business that started right after pandemic ( Covid- 19 )
We started only with 2 cars for friends and family and we have grown now with
more than 20 cars for you, to enjoy and never worry about all the processes and fees
that a regular car rental has.   
All of our prices already includes all the taxes and fees! But don't forget if you take the car outside the Miami area you have to pay an extra fee!
We have a team 24/7 ready to answer all
your questions and concerns! you can call
or text us and we will get back to you in less than 6 hours.
Every car that you received have been previously inspected thru our 27 point inspection! you can just relax and enjoy your trip in one of our cars.